Sheba Tuna Pumpkin & Carrot in Gravy

This is a Non-vegetarian product.
  • FINE COMPLEMENTARY CAT FOOD: Premium cat food for your special furry friend
  • DELICIOUS FLAVOUR: Tender delicious tuna pumpkin & carrot in gravy flavour that improves cats' bowel movements
  • COMPLEMENTARY DIET: Designed as a complement to your cat’s complete and balanced diet
  • SAVOUR EVERY BIT: A quality meal that provides a tantalizing texture
  • GRAVY FORMAT: More palatable and easier to lick gravy food for cats that helps add water to their body
  • Weight - 70 g

    • Premium cat food for your special furry friend
    • Rich fish mix with Dry Bonito Flakes in Gravy
    • Min. 10% Protein in each pouch for cat’s complete nutrition
    • The high-quality meal offers a tantalizing texture
    • A pleasing consistency, ideal for adult cats
    • Great calorific value in a small serving size - 20Kcal/1pack
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