Orange and Lemons Shirt

It's raining oranges and lemons in our tro’pet’ical land. Are you ready to take your cats and dogs for a ride there?

Pawshic ‘Oranges and Lemons Shirt’ gives your pet a super refreshing look. It’s made in cotton & is light and easy to wear. Velcro closure, hidden by a placket runs down the front so it's simple to slip onto your dog.


Easily wearable
Velcro closure
Does not obstruct movement
Comes in a variety of prints and sizes
Hand or machine wash in cold water
Handmade in India with lots of love!

Please Note: Every pet is different, please refer to the measurements given below to avoid any misfit. Also, some pets like clothes and some may not. Please be sensitive to their individual requirements. Remember to ease your pet slowly into getting familiar with wearing clothes.
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