Farmina Vet Life Ultra Hypo

  • Farmina Vet Life UltraHypo is a complete dietetic food for dogs formulated for the reduction of alimentary intolerance to ingredients and nutrients and for dogs suffering from alimentary allergies and atopies.
  • Used as a diagnostic tool (elimination diet).
  • Especially indicated also in subjects refractory to the treatment of atopic dermatitis and recurrent diarrheas.
  • Feed the daily quantity as shown on the attached schedule, or as directed by your veterinarian.
  • Daily quantities may vary by age, breed, the environment, physical exercise, behavior, or other factors.
  • The quantities shown in the schedule are purely indicative and may require an adjustment to obtain the optimal body weight.
  • The feeding amount can be divided in 2 or more daily meals. Always leave a clean bowl of freshwater throughout the day.
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