Farmina Renal Food for Dogs - 2KG

  • Farmina Vet Life Renal reduces the proteins, phosphorus and sodium levels to reduce the retention-rate of nitrogenous catabolites; it reduces hyperphosphatemy and hyperparathyroidism.


  • It helps them control of systemic hypertension (dogs suffering from initial cardiac insufficiency). It has been clinically tested that Farmina Vet Life Renal improves the quality of life of dogs suffering from chronic or temporary renal insufficiency and initial cardiac insufficiency. Low protein contents reduce the retention-rate of nitrogenous catabolites.


  • it helps the control of systemic hypertension Reduced levels of sodium and phosphorus L-carnitine improves tolerance to physical exercise Omega-3 fatty acids improve the glomerular filtration and prevent the renal fibrosis High-quality proteins prevent muscle loss Contains only natural antioxidants, thus allowing natural preservation of the product Low Glycemic index food.
Per gram

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