Easy Pill Pocket for Dogs and Cats

The Easy Pill or pill pocket as you may have commonly heard, is a solution designed to help feed your pet the pills in an easy and palatable way

Simply put – it's a roll that can be cut into small pieces. You can then stuff the pill inside this small piece and give it to your pet.

 Best of all, it can be used for any type of medicine – be it a capsule, tablet, or even liquid!

  • IDEAL FOR FUSSY PETS: Bark Out Loud’s Easy Pill for both Cats & Dogs is effective for pets that make it challenging to feed medicinal pills. Medicines are usually not flavoured or palatable making stubborn pets always bring them up and spit them out.
  • EASY TO ADMINISTER: Easy for your pets to swallow the pill pockets that are also palatable. The Easy Pill comes with masking, which removes any medicine odor from it. This makes your pet feel that they are getting a treat. Just fill it, roll it & give it!
  • AN EASY LIFE: Bark Out Loud’s Easy Pill can be stored at room temperature for 3 months after opening. The Easy Pill can be used as a medication treats for pets or even to help pets train well.
  • A FRENCH PRODUCT: Easy Pill is a well-established product from the French company Vetinnov in France. Their idea was to develop a product that contained a highly palatable paste that could encapsulate the pills. They successfully managed to design and mask the smell of medicine from Easy Pill making it a treat for pets.

One pack contains 3 bars of 20 gms each | Up to 50 pill pockets

Directions for use: 

  1. Cut a fraction of the pill pocket and roll it out into a ball
  2. Give the 1st ball without the pill to help gain the confidence of your pet
  3. Cover the pill completely in the pill pocket and feed it to the pet
Per gram

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