Bark Out Loud Flea & Tick Spray

  • ALL-NATURAL FORMULATION: Bark Out Loud’s Flea & Tick solutions is an all-natural, all-safe disinfectant spray for the cure and prevention of ticks and fleas in pets. It's a combination of all-natural ingredients that blend with each other to provide an effective, 100% natural, and safe spray for flea and tick protection.
  • KILLS AND PREVENTS TICKS AND FLEAS: Cedarwood & Rosemary work as natural protection on tick & flea infected pets. It's the perfect solution to eliminate the tick & flea life cycle, kills larvae and eggs as well. Preventing future infestation.
  • NO HARMFUL CHEMICALS: The Flea & Tick spray comes with a blend of 100% natural ingredients such as Cedarwood, Rosemary, and Sesame Oils. These ingredients have zero side effects
  • ENSURES HEALTHY SKIN & COAT: Enriched with Sesame Oil, filled with antioxidants that protect the skin from inflammation and oxidative stress The spray when used gets absorbed easily on the skin of pets, ensuring a smooth and shiny feel to the coat.
  • EASY TO APPLY SPRAY FORM: It's easy to use. Just uncap. Shake. Spray. It's all safe can be used as an when required. Safe to pray on pets, beddings, furniture, and flooring, including carpets, to eliminate the tick & flea lifecycle.
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