Agility + Relax CBD treats

The specially developed Relax+ formulation uses strong and versatile forces of nature in a bundled form to support dogs in dealing with anxieties and stressful situations without making them sleepy.

When dogs show unwanted behaviour or are even aggressive, this is in most cases a reaction to stress and/or anxiety. There are numerous triggers that can lead to nervousness, anxiety and stress in animals. Unusual surroundings, large crowds, and confusing situations, for example in public transport or on vacation, can mean considerable stress for dogs. Then there are also animals that have experienced something traumatic and are therefore generally very anxious or even depressed. Furthermore, many dogs react with almost uncontrollable fear to loud noises, for example, due to fireworks or thunderstorms. In such and comparable situations you can use the natural powers of the Relax+ Snack to give your dog, and yourself, calmness and serenity.

The natural ingredients of the Relax+ formula have been carefully selected by a team of Swiss veterinarians, Czech pharmacologists, and German food technologists based on independent scientific information


Feeding Recommendation: Normal

In the morning and in the evening:

5 – 9 kg: 0,5 Hemp Snack

10 – 19 kg: 1 Hemp Snack

20 – 29 kg: 2 Hemp Snacks

30 – 39 kg: 3 Hemp Snacks

40 – 49 kg: 4 Hemp Snacks

50 – 80 kg: 5 Hemp Snacks

Feeding Recommendation: Strong

In the morning and in the evening:

5 – 9 kg: 1,5 Hemp Snack

10 – 19 kg: 3 Hemp Snacks

20 – 29 kg:6 Hemp Snacks

30 – 39 kg: 9 Hemp Snacks

40 – 49 kg: 12 Hemp Snacks

50 – 80 kg: 15 Hemp Snacks

Analytical components of Relax+

Crude Protein:       15%

Crude Fat:                10%

Crude Fiber:            4%

Crude Ash:                7%


Per gram

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